Time to be natural,

…naturally you.

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Hi, I’m Nataly.

Here I write my steps since I chose to be more in tune with nature (& my nature) in my daily life choices.

Passionate about Nature & Love, I go for the most #sustainable and #minimalist options to live.

Naked in Costa Rica. It’s naturally me.

Life & Love Poetry.

I write my philosophy to ease my soul, be more spontaneous, to be naturally me (to get naked)

Bio-Body-Care Essentials.

Recipes about Soap making, Deodorant & Whitening tooth paste, I make at home with focus on “keep it bio and simple, as nature does”.

Yummy Eco-Food

Recipes that nourish me day by day, most of them are plant-based food, other ones are not 🙂 but! they are all made out of pure love stories.

“Nothing more lovely than honoring yourself,

by being you.”


Specially to yourself…

“Speak your truth, free yourself”

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“No hay vergüenza en ser uno mismo.

Always pa’ ‘lante being naturally you”